About Us

Walnut and Twine Jessica Shaw Columbia Missouri Harrisburg
Welcome to our new adventure! My name is Jessica Shaw, and my husband Bart and I are thrilled to begin creating the next chapter at 111 W. Sexton St.

Bart and I moved our growing family from the southside of Columbia to northern Boone County and the Harrisburg School District in 2005. Our love of this beautiful community has continually grown throughout the last 16 years.

As a child who moved too much to have a city to call "home," planting roots in a rural community was something I hoped for when growing our family. Even though our two oldest have since graduated, we still have two more making their way through at Harrisburg Schools.

Last year like everyone else, we were sad to learn that the beloved C & S Grocery Store would be closing. For months I drove by on my way to school and looked at the dark, empty building that was formerly the heart of our community. My greatest fear was that its fate would be the same as many historic "main street" buildings, and someone would buy it only to tear it down.

After months of deliberation (and let's just say there were MANY pro/con lists), we decided it was worth the risk!

The care and keeping of this beautiful old building is something I take very seriously. Even though I know there will be many frustrations along our renovation journey, I still believe in its potential and the idea that sometimes you have to take a risk to make magic happen.

Here's to many years of magic together - let the adventure begin!
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