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Poll 91 Banana or Banana Nut


Poll 90 

Lemons to Lemonade

Poll 89 

School's Out For Summer

Poll 88  

Topping Time

Poll 87

Name that Tune

Poll 86

Hello, future you.

Poll 85 (drawing winner was notified via email on April 21st)

We See You, Too

Poll 84

April Coffee Thoughts

Poll 83

Who's Foolin' Who?

#1 Swapping salt for sugar

#2 Telling the kids there is school on Monday

Poll 82

What's your favorite memory from Spring Break 2023?

Top answers: resting/relaxing & traveling

Poll 81

coffee house poll

Poll 80 (winner was notified via email Friday, March 17th)

What's your favorite thing to do over spring break?

#1 Answer: head to the beach

Poll 79

weekly polls walnut and twine

Poll 78

weekly polls

Poll 77

Muffin flavor you hope to see when we open:

#1 Blueberry

#2 Lemon Poppyseed

#3 Pumpkin Streusel

Poll 76

Poll 75  (poll winner was emailed on February 10th)

Poll 74

February or Bust

weekly polls walnut and twine

Poll 73

Dreary January Days

#1 Response: Read, #2: Cook/bake #3: Coffee/Crafts

Poll 72

Spring Dreams

Poll 71

Never Stop Learning

Poll 70 (winner has been notified via email)

One Word

Poll 69

New Year, New Dreams

Top 3 Dream for 2023:

- learn something new

- read more books

- have less stress

Poll 68

What's your #1 winter break goal?

Poll 67

Planner or Procrastinator

Poll 66

It's Coming...

Snow days are coming, so what is your #1 book recommendation to a friend right now? (Title and author, please)

  • The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green
  • Lessons In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
  • The Spiritwalker Trilogy by Kate Elliott

Poll 65 (winner was notified via email Friday, December 2nd)

Table Types

Poll 64

What's your signature dish?

So much variety!

Here is a sampling: shrimp and grits, hashbrown casserole, stuffing, French Silk pie, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, homemade noodles, street corn casserole. 

Maybe we need to start a recipe sharing area on the website - these sound delicious!

Poll 63

What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Top responses:

#1 Time with family

#2 Delicious food

#3 Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Poll 62

On the Side

favorite holiday side dish

Poll 61

best part of a holiday dinner

Poll 60 (Drawing winner has been notified via the email address used to enter)

Do you host or travel for the holidays?

For most of you it's a mixture of both.

Poll 59

Fall Color

Shades of green have your heart.

Poll 58

If you could go anywhere on the fall vacation of your dreams, where would you go?

Assorted locations in the north east for the win.

Poll 57

Poll 56

walnut and twine poll results for how do you celebrate fall?

Poll 55 (Drawing winner has been notified via the email address used to enter)

Favorite Fall Activities

The fall bonfire wins!

Poll #54

Fall Means Football

You love all teams MO (Harrisburg Bulldogs, Mizzou, and the Chiefs)

Poll #53

Fall Faves

Pumpkin lovers unite!

Poll #52

The Ice Cream Debate

Ice cream reigns supreme!

Poll #51

Farewell to Summer

poll about saying goodbye to summer most say shorter days is the hardest part

Poll #50  (the winner has been notified via email)

Coffee Personality

poll results for coffee flavor add-ins 88 percent like flavors added to their coffee

Poll #49

Summer Smoothies

The winner was peach!

Poll #48

Poll #47

poll results would you rather grill out, go out, get take out on a hot summer night (majority prefers to grill out)

Poll #46

America's Pastime

results from America's favorite pastime poll. Cardinals 75% Royals 13%

Poll #45  (The winner has been notified via email)

What does your ideal 4th of July celebration look like?

54% said "host a big BBQ with family and friends"

Fourth of July Fun

Poll #44

Summer Magic

Poll #43

Summer Memories

Favorite summer memory from childhood? family camping

Poll #42

Summer Activities

Poll #41

Summer Flavors

"Fresh summer fruit" for the win

Poll #40

Candy Corner

Poll #39

Porch Pop-up Events

80% of you love the idea, and the other 20% are intrigued.

Poll #38

Should a monthly box of muffins be a thing? 

60% of you give it a thumbs up.

Poll #37

Poll #36

Share what you most look forward to in the month of May.

Top response: spending more time outdoors

Poll #35 

What's your favorite way to spend a rainy spring day?

Top response: grabbing a blanket and a good book

Poll #34 

Share how you choose to add scent to your home.

The scent most used in your home: linen

Poll #33

What occasion(s) do you buy/send/give greeting cards?

Top 3 responses: birthday, wedding, graduation

Poll #32

What kind of spring items would you like to shop for at Walnut + Twine?

While these answers were all over the place, one thing was very clear: spring means you're ready get outside and play in the dirt. All things "plants" for the win!

Poll #31

What flavors do you crave in the spring?

1st & 2nd place =Strawberry and Lemon (tie) 

3rd place = Raspberry

Poll #30 

We're starting to plan for spring 2023, and we'd love to hear your ideas for fun events at Walnut + Twine!

Top 2 choices: Patio party and a Trunk Show

Poll #29

What's your favorite way to freshen your home for spring?

Top 3 responses: spring cleaning, cleaning out flower beds, getting new plants

Poll #28

Sharing small business love: This week, we thought it would be fun to hear from you about your favorite mercantiles, boutiques, general stores, gift shops, etc., around Missouri.

Top 10 favorites from around Missouri with links to their social media. Check them out and give them a follow!

Plume (Columbia, MO)

Paisley Boutique (Fayette, MO)

Rocheport General Store (Rocheport, MO)

Poppy (Columbia, MO)

Addie Jane (Hallsville, MO)

Koch's General Store (Macon, MO)

Artisan's Corner (Harrisonville, MO)

Strawberry Hill (Columbia, MO)

Fretboard Coffee (Columbia, MO)

The Tin Roof (Columbia, MO)

Poll #27

Share your ideas about ways to use the salvaged flooring from the main level.

Top 2 answers:

- accent wall

- built into counters

Poll #26

Guess the year of the OLDEST coin found under the gondola shelves.

What for the year to be revealed on social media.

Poll #25 

Poll #24

Is there a nostalgic or historical item you think we should highlight in the finished renovation?

#1 answer: the well 

Other answers include: Harrisburg timeline, tin ceilings, old photos

Poll #23

Share your suggestion for a great poll question.

Poll #22 

Delicious & Interactive Family Fun

Poll #21

We have bakery questions this week- tell us how you feel about scones.

how do you feel about scones poll result

Poll #20  

What are you most excited about for 2022? (it can be about anything)

Top 5 responses:

1) Pandemic settling down

2) Family members coming home from the hospital

3) Summer vacations

4) Going to live events again

5) Opening of Walnut + Twine

Poll #19

What part of the renovation do you enjoy hearing about the most?

Top response: "All of it!" followed closely by "the surprises."

Poll #18 

Poll #17  

What Harrisburg Cityscape item do you wish we would create?

"A tea towel" was the number one answer (so, we are working on it).

Poll #16

We're about to send a camera to the bottom of the well and we'd love to hear your predictions about what might be found! Share your vote in this week's poll.

Poll #15 

Well, well, well.... (part 2) The most popular idea was a wishing well. The exact form that should take was not quite as clear. You gave us great ideas and we're working on making this a feature at Walnut + Twine!

Poll #14

Poll #13

You can read more about the well discovery over on the blog, too.

Poll #12

No.1 response about choosing a gift: finding something unique is a top priority 

Poll #11

Poll #10 Congratulations to the first two drawing winners (check your inbox)!

Poll #9

What's your go-to bakery item? What's the #1 thing you hope to see on a new bakery's menu?

Top 2 answers in both categories were muffins and good coffee. (That's exciting news for us!)

Poll #8 

outdoor seating poll results

Poll #7

If there was a private meeting room upstairs in the bakeshop/coffee bar area that could be reserved for birthday parties, business meetings, tutoring sessions, baby showers, etc - how likely are you to use that space?

Over half the response fell in the range of less than once a month, and more than once a year.

Poll #6

What's your preferred coffeehouse seating?

Poll #5

What's your favorite kind of muffin?

Top 2 responses: blueberry variations & lemon variations

Poll #4

When you think of a quick healthy breakfast, which of the following options is most your style?

Top 2 responses: smoothie/nutritious tea & breakfast burrito

Poll #3

What is your favorite coffee roast?

Poll #2

a) What do you miss most since C&S closed last summer?

b) I wish________________ was available in Harrisburg.

Most common responses (no pie charts available for fill in the blank questions).

a) the delicious C&S sandwich

b) good coffee & healthy food options

Poll #1

Help us choose the next front porch bench.