Country Home Creations

Pickle Mixes


Turn those garden cucumbers into delicious pickles! Pickling has never been so quick and easy.

Choose your favorite pickle flavors:

Chilled Dill:

No need to cook or can anything - just got some veggies? Refrigerate them with our delicious blend for dill-flavored pickles in no time! Perfect for cucumbers, carrots, and onions, and they'll last in the fridge for 6 months. Yum!

Bread + Butter Icebox Pickles:

No need for cooking or canning! If you enjoy pickling but not the fuss, this mix is perfect for you. With one packet, you can whip up a gallon of traditional bread and butter pickles. Plus, no added sugar - and we've got sugar replacement suggestions, too.

Sweet + Sassy Pickles:

No need for cooking, canning, or slicing! These are the simplest and spiciest pickles you'll make. Unlike Icebox & Chilled Dill Pickle Mix, this blend is for adding to store-bought jars for a quick favorite. They're delightfully unique. One pouch makes multiple batches or a large one. These pickles are both sweet and tangy!