More Lemons Means More Lemonade

More Lemons Means More Lemonade

May 24, 2023Jessica Shaw

In this week's installment of "Lemons to Lemonade," let's talk about concrete. Sometimes things happen, and all you can do is figure out how to make the best out of an unfortunate situation.

We had that familiar experience again a few weeks ago when a large piece of machinery ran over the corner of the cement by the new stairs at WT To-Go, causing the corner to crack.

harrisburg renovation

The problem with cracks in cement isn't so much the way it looks, but it's more about the trouble with water freezing and thawing through the years. So, this required a quality fix and not just a patch.

With a minimum yardage delivery, we started to look at other areas where pouring cement would be helpful. Since we have a picnic table for extra seating, a level pad for it to sit on seemed like a great use of the additional concrete. Not only will it stabilize the table better than gravel, but it will also make cleaning the area a lot easier.

renovate missouri renovation project
That's a pretty tasty cup of lemonade!

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  • I completely agree with Sharon! I love your positivity! ☺️

    Cindy Roller
  • Bring on bistro seating, umbrellas and yummy munchies! Soo thrilled you all are getting closer to opening!

    Liz G
  • I love your high spirited attitude and mindset! You are so positive and I just adore that character trait ❤️

    Sharon McCallister

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