Silver Linings and the Beauty of Doors

Silver Linings and the Beauty of Doors

Sep 28, 2022JESSICA SHAW

Welcome back to the blog! It's been a long, long summer in terms of waiting for movement on the renovation. You may have noticed that during this lull, we took time away from regular posting to focus on sharing #smalltownlove on social media. As a "look for the silver lining" type of person, this was the perfect cure for the slow construction blues.

Each of you made staying positive easier with your kind words about what this renovation means to you and how much you're looking forward to seeing the finished product. With this much love and support, it's hard to let the tough days keep us down for too long!

Then finally, in late August, we were given the go-ahead from the county, and we've been off to the races ever since (well, as "off-to-the-races" as things can be these days).

renovating a 100 year old building takes a long time 

The beauty of having to exercise extreme patience is that you find yourself filled with joy over the smallest things. For example, while helping set up the carnival games for Septemberfest, I stopped a conversation mid-sentence as I looked over at the mercantile to see one of the construction guys carrying in a door. With the enthusiasm of "You're going to Disney World!" I blurted out, "You guys, I think I'm getting a door!" (Surprise #44: door joy)

So, after months of looking like this... the "Walnut + Twine To-Go" area is really starting to take shape!


I mean, we have doors, you guys!!


To refresh your memory on where this space started visit this blog post.

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  • You will be wildly successful as we all wait patiently for the grand opening. I know it will be worth the wait 🥰

    Sharon McCallister

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