Remodeling The Lean-To

Remodeling The Lean-To

Jun 08, 2022Jessica Shaw

As a quick refresher, this is where the lean-to started its transformational journey into the "to-go" area for Walnut and Twine. 

With the new "pivot" plan in place, it's nice to see this area starting to move (oh, it's still slow, but any movement is a welcome sight!).

The crew began by taking it down to the foundation to create the perfect layout and flow for its new life.

Even though the new walls follow the same footprint as before, it's funny how big it feels. Once the permits for this section of the project are approved, things will start to change quickly (at least that's the dream that keeps us going).


Thank you for reading this blog and for your kind comments and encouragement! I wish this platform allowed responses to comments individually, but since it doesn't, please know that I read every single one, and they always brighten my day. ~Jessica


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