Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Slow Progress Is Still Progress

Dec 29, 2021Lydia Miller

After a couple of weeks of moving and changing at break-neck speed (this much pivoting truly feels like mental whiplash), work has slowed to a more steady pace. Changes are not as drastic, and that makes perfect sense because tearing things out doesn't require as much time and consideration as thoughtfully putting them back together again. (Pretty sure there's a life lesson in there somewhere, too.)

Anyway, as a result, the main level now has a new subfloor. Walking around inside finally feels solid and safe - we're all about celebrating that kind of win!

The main side effect of this much pivoting is constantly changing the floor plan. Creating a design around existing pieces (like a walk-in refrigerator) is entirely different than designing from a blank slate. For now, a lot of work has moved behind the scenes to create the best use of the space.

Of course, new developments mean new surprises. Coming in at surprise #26: the bathroom is gone. The long-term plan is for two ADA-compliant bathrooms on the main level (in a different location), and it didn't make sense to install new subflooring around the old bathroom. However, losing the bathroom this early in the renovation process was not part of the original plan. It definitely limits our ability to host a meeting or have an extra-long workday.

In other news related to the previous blog post, the concrete work around the southeast corner of the building (aka the sinking corner) is complete. Thanks to concrete piers, this corner is ready to tackle the next 100 years -hooray!  

This corner is winning BIG points because not only was it exactly as expected, but the way the piers wrapped around the corner created a lovely bonus cement pad. Who else can picture sipping coffee or having a sandwich at a cozy table for two out here? Surprise #27: the first outdoor seating spot!

It may feel slow, but progress is progress, and we'll take it!

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  • Thank you, Liz!

    Jessica@ Walnut + Twine
  • I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. Nice to see new life being breathed into the old “Price’s Grocery” as I have always known it. Looking forward to a nice cup of coffee and a place to find new treasures.


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