The Cistern Uncovered

The Cistern Uncovered

Dec 01, 2021Lydia Miller

If you live locally, you've probably noticed the trucks parked out front and seen the lights on inside the Mercantile. Yes, it's true - work has officially begun on stabilizing the southeast corner of the building! WooHOO! While a lot of background work has been going on (measuring, planning, pivoting, re-planning), it's exciting to have more tangible progress. And what's a little progress without some new surprises along the way?

About a month ago, surprise #18 (a.k.a. the well) made everyone wonder about the cistern under the floor by the front door. This area happens to be around the corner that needs stabilizing, so we didn't have to wonder too long. Where we'd envisioned a medium-sized stone container with water in it, we found SURPRISE #19! The cistern is a giant pit with water in it. GIANT PIT. If you've been in and out of this store over the years, you're not alone if you feel a little freaked out by those soft boards near the front door. Who knew?

To go along with finding a bunch of water under the wood floors, Surprise #20 really shouldn't be much of a surprise, but here we are. There was quite a bit more damage to floor joists across the main level than previously suspected. Thankfully because the corner requires a lot of work, there was a reason to remove the floor and discover the extent of the repairs needed. Better the problems you can see (and therefore fix) than the ones that remain hidden, right?

So, that's what's been happening in the Mercantile: rotten wood out, good wood in. Now, back to finalizing the plans for the well...

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  • Thank you for your encouragement along this journey. Your sweet comments help keep us going! I read every single one and come back to read them again on the tough days. Thank you!!

    Jessica@ Walnut + Twine
  • I have lived within a block of the store for 74 years. It means so very much to us that you are working to keep our memories going. Thank you for your perseverance!

    Vickie Reno
  • I like seeing the older wood used in those flooring and support designs.

    Alan Bergfield
  • I know there is no glitz in the tearing out but I can almost smell the coffee when I think about it being completed, it will be so awesome ❤️

    Sharon McCallister
  • Thanks so much for the updates on the store. Enjoy hearing about the progress. Just wish that you were having a easier go with it all. Thank you!

    Sandy Mueller
  • Wow 😯 the surprises are never ending!😊❤️


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