The Many Phases of Waiting

The Many Phases of Waiting

Mar 23, 2022Lydia Miller

SURPRISE #39 - the mechanical engineer & architect have cleared the renovation plans, and last week they were handed off to Boone County for approval! After so much delay, it was a wonderful surprise to get this news.  And there was much rejoicing in the land! 

Now guess what we get to do? If you said more waiting, you are correct! Good thing we've had lots of practice.

In other news, great progress has been made in the furring-out and framing process upstairs. 

However, this process did come with an unexpected downside. Surprise #40: we lost enough inches in one closet to make that section obsolete, and because this area abuts the new staircase, there's no wiggle room to steal inches from an adjoining area.

Good-bye, little nook. You would have been the perfect place to tackle boring behind-the-scenes computer work.


There is a silver lining to this loss of space, however. A beautiful window filled with sunlight will now greet guests at the top of the stairs, and who can be sad about that?

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