Renovation Tour

Renovation Tour

Mar 09, 2022Lydia Miller

After several months of documenting how this renovation project is going, it's still a surprise when someone mentions they read and love the blog. While we enjoy tracking our slow & steady progress, we realize a lot of it can be boring (most of us enjoy "Before and After" posts - not so much the "messy middle" ones). So, imagine our surprise #37 when someone from Boone #25 reached out and asked if their group could come take a tour! We leaped at the opportunity to host this wonderful group of ladies.

We coordinated with Mary Austin, and in mid-February, the group visited and toured the building. Most of the women who attended have ties to the Harrisburg area and had shopped at the old C&S grocery store.

Jessica shared her vision of how the Mercantile will continue to serve the current Harrisburg community while preserving ties to its past. When discussing her hopes to secure an old general store counter, Janice - a Boone #25 member - shared she has one from the old Hawkins store in Harrisburg. Surprise #38 -  she offered to let Jessica look at it! Hopefully, we will have more to share about that in the future.

Another fun fact to share from our afternoon together: Mary Austin was the contest winner of the amount of money found under the gondola shelving! You might remember this from our very first blog post. What a cool, full-circle moment!

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  • What is Boone #25?

  • We had such a fun and educational time that day. The ladies are excited for the completion of your vision and a grand opening tour. Thank you again for being stewards of the Harrisburg community!

    Mary Austin

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