To-Go Build Out: Part One

To-Go Build Out: Part One

Dec 07, 2022Jessica Shaw

With the outside of Walnut + Twine To-Go mostly finished, it's time to start building out the inside!

While the original plan called for painting the floor, this was no longer possible because of the mixture of old and new concrete in the space. Could it be done? Sure. However, the experts agreed the potential problems wouldn't be worth the savings in the short term. Isn't that the way it goes?

Fortunately, we chose new flooring immediately, but we're still living in the same supply-chain-troubled times, so now we are waiting for things to arrive.

At least other things can happen while we wait on the flooring! Check out our new HVAC ceiling unit - isn't it beautiful? We've been dreaming about having a temperature-controlled space again at 111 W. Sexton for months.

Harrisburg Missouri renovation 100 year old building

Two crucial things have been missing since we lost the old flooring: climate control and running water. When we finally get running water and a bathroom, you might see us doing cartwheels down the street! The excitement is REAL.


Side note: since the previous blog's surprise, it's been a little eerie trying to get work done inside the main building. A pile of the old floorboards needed to be sorted and moved off the ground, but all I could think about was the possibility of finding the original owner of that snakeskin!

harrisburg mo 100 year old building original floor harrisburg mo 100 year old building original flooring

I'm thrilled to report no snakes (large or small) were found!

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  • We are REALLY excited to come inside and have coffee and a treat. The window display is beautiful ❤️

    Sharon McCallister

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