Dare to Believe

Dare to Believe

Feb 22, 2023Jessica Shaw

I'm not fully trusting it yet, but all indicators point to opening the doors to Walnut and Twine To-Go in just a few months! We have our eye on April - if all continues according to plan.

It feels incredible to finally have entered the fun zone where all the parts and pieces come together. This part of construction is my happy place. It's where everything inside my head and on paper finally makes its way into a full-size 3D version!

harrisburg coffee shop bakery missouri

The counters and lighting are going in, and the vibe is coming alive. So while this is the really exciting part, it's also the natural point to pull back on sharing big-picture photos. Of course, there will still be pics, but you'll notice them becoming more "zoomed in" for one reason: full reveals are so much fun!

The magic is starting to happen, and I can't wait to see your face when you step inside and see it for the first time. In-person is always better than pictures because you can see, smell, and taste it!

If you can dare to believe it, the wait is almost over!

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Comments (6)

  • It’s so nice to know that old building is getting new life. My love of old structures is almost as strong as my love for coffee!(and muffins 😁)

    Lisa Hardin
  • So exciting to see your hard work paying off. Can’t wait!

    Teresa Nilson
  • It feels like waiting for Christmas, especially as a kid. The wait is so hard yet so exciting all at the same time. It’s like knowing you’re getting the best gift but not really know what it is. I can hardly wait!!!

    Kimberly Strawn
  • I cannot wait! Better not be an April Fools 🤣. This girl needs coffee and baked goods.

    Liz Gragg
  • So very exciting! Thank you for sharing the journey, and for your commitment to the community!

    Cindy Roller
  • It takes a lot of patience and love to turn a building around! Looks great! Can’t wait to see your project come to fruition!

    Tammy Calcote

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