Tiny Windows, Big Decisions

Tiny Windows, Big Decisions

Mar 08, 2023Jessica Shaw

While we finish Walnut and Twine To-Go, the plan is to tackle high-priority exterior problems simultaneously. 

Thanks to these extra warm February and March days, we've been able to jump on these areas ahead of schedule (surprise #47!).

The porch cover was home to a lot of rot and birds. The poor birds would squeeze their way in and then be unable to get back out. So. many. dead. birds. The awning needed to go, and we needed to see what surprises might lurk behind it.

Surprise #48 - Can you believe how different the building looks without the awning?! What a startling difference! Kind of like that time in high school when your best friend dared you to shave off your eyebrows, you know? It's amazing how something seemingly small can have such a huge visual impact!

It's always fun to get a peek into this building's history, and that's what happened while removing the porch cover - surprise #49: we found the tiny windows!

Thanks to Jill Williamson's binder about the history of the building, we had seen pictures with the tiny windows exposed. But it was still fun to see them in person!

111 W Sexton St. Harrisburg Missouri 1970s

(111 W. Sexton circa early 1970s, courtesy of Jill's trusty binder)

Of course, we are mostly concerned with the extent of the rot beyond the awning itself. You may remember the rotten header over the corner window we replaced last year. So, now we figure out the best plan for this discovery...

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Comments (3)

  • I love all the little windows and it was so nice to see all the work happening on those beautiful weather days we had!

    Kimberly S
  • What a great find! I love the exposed tiny windows and the character that they give to the building!

    Tammy C.
  • Super excited to see the progress and glad that the weather is praying nice for your renovations of late. Can’t wait!!

    Liz G

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