Porch Progress

Porch Progress

Apr 26, 2023Jessica Shaw

The current "brick stabilization and porch rebuild" project is progressing nicely. It's taking a bit longer than expected because old brick can be temperamental, and there have been countless mini-meetings with the crew to address each new issue they discover. 

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Our three main objectives for this portion of the project are:

  • further stabilization of the troublesome corner
  • rot removal
  • increased curb appeal + porch use

100 year old building small town missouri

Although I don't enjoy problems in the moment, as a creative, I know that the best ideas often come from the search for answers. This porch renovation is a perfect example, and as a bonus, the solutions we worked out are some of my favorites!

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  • It was so exciting to drive by on Monday and see the progress. You all are doing things right and turning back the hands of time for the building. Can’t wait to see it completed!

    Liz G
  • I enjoy watching the progress. The coffee is so good and can’t wait to be a regular. So excited for you.


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