Brick By Brick

Brick By Brick

Apr 05, 2023Jessica Shaw

You know that point mid-project where you have to make everything look worse before it gets better? For example, a closet clean out or a garage purge when you pull everything out, and you have the "Oh no - what did I just do?" moment. That is precisely the "moment" we are in with fixing the front of the building.

small town main street renovation

But you know what I've discovered about that scary mid-project zone? It always leads to the biggest payoff in the end. Sure, could it be the relief that it all turned out okay? Quite possibly. But beyond that, it's seeing it through from disastrous to delightful - and that's a high that never gets old!

small town renovating 100 year old building harrisburg missourismall town renovation brick repair 100 year old building

Last week "Cason the Mason" began his work to help us on this transformation journey. He is working his magic to help stabilize the brick on this beautiful old building, and it's off to a great start!

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  • Been watching progress since The Prices sold. Slow but anxious to see out come.

    Donna Rodgers
  • Brick 🧱 by brick 🧱…Can’t wait to see the results! Exciting!

    Lisa Hardin
  • Every brick gets you a little closer!

    Tammy C.

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