Creating a Cozy Space

Creating a Cozy Space

Jan 26, 2022Lydia Miller

Last week we got the exciting news work will soon begin on furring out the upstairs walls. Currently, the walls consist of a plaster layer over the brick (which explains why you can see the sky through the cracks - there's not much there).

Since Missouri has such wide temperature swings from frigid winters to humid summers, it seemed prudent to add some insulation to the upstairs. While this does increase the renovation cost, the hope is this energy-efficient solution will help save money in the long run and make the upstairs a comfortable place to hang out.

cracks in the ceiling of a 100 year old building where birds and weather can get in

Before furring out, part of the prep work is moving everything away from the walls. This process revealed surprise #30 - a beautiful section where the plaster had fallen away from the wall. We're in love with the contrast of the plaster and exposed brick! Even though this section will be behind the new insulation, the main level has multiple opportunities to replicate this gorgeous look.

exposed brick and plaster in 100 year old building

With items removed from the walls, we discovered one section of the upstairs was already furred out! YAY for a positive surprise #31! Woo-HOO! After our recent winter weather, we're pretty excited about allll the insulation against Missouri's weather mood swings.

One last surprise #32 to share (and I'm using the term "surprise" loosely here since this wasn't wholly unexpected): this upstairs window (north side of the building) will become a fire exit door with stairs.

window will become a fire escape door for the second floor

Hopefully, this first step in creating a cozy space with year-round comfort will start to take shape soon!

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