Preparation Continues

Preparation Continues

Feb 09, 2022Lydia Miller

In the past two weeks, the construction team has continued preparing the upstairs walls for their added insulation. This mainly consists of moving some of the more oversized items away from the walls (like this really cool nail bin we can't wait to use in the Mercantile) and lots of cleaning.

As you may recall, there are many cracks in the walls upstairs, and some of them are large enough for birds to make nests in and even come inside. Two things about this have been quite surprising: surprise #33) the number of birds who squeeze their way in and then die, surprise #34) how gross bird nest removal can be!

Since we can only do prep work right now as we wait on the finalized plans to be approved (before the actual construction can get started), we are taking exciting steps this week related to items available in the mercantile. Visiting a market for handcrafted and fair trade goods this week is helping us not get discouraged by how slow things move sometimes. Instead, our minds are dancing with all the possibilities!

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