Renovation Pivot

Renovation Pivot

May 04, 2022Jessica Shaw

We always knew this project would be a marathon filled with surprises, but (surprise #43) we didn't fully appreciate how many of them would be unrelated to the actual structure. 

If you know anyone attempting construction right now, you've probably heard how difficult it is. Some days it seems like it's all about bumping into walls of frustration. Everything from staff shortages holding up plan approval to the increase in material costs come together to create the perfect construction nightmare: the inability to estimate the project's cost.

Budgets are vital to every project. They dictate what dreams stay and which ones get cut. When you lose the ability to predict a project's ballpark cost, that's a big problem. Factor in supply chain delays, and you can see how this gets really fun, really fast.

After an update on cost projections a few weeks ago, it became clear that we needed to break everything down into separate pieces and see how to approach it more efficiently. What emerged was a little surprising.

The original order of the renovation was:

  • secure and stabilize the building
  • convert the main level to a mercantile
  • convert second level to a coffee shop + bakeshop
  • modify the lean-to area for walk-up/to-go coffee, baked goods & seasonal ice cream

After tons of meetings and breaking everything down, the original order no longer made sense. With the building stabilized, the next best move is to skip to the lean-to area. Who knew?! 

This section has the fewest supply chain issues (at the moment) and can actually be finished and up and running the soonest! (Again, as it stands now- things change quickly, so we'll update this excitement as needed.)

While pivoting isn't always fun, it is exciting to have a part of the original vision that provides all of the services of the whole project, but in a "lite" version. 

Since we haven't really shared much about the "W+T To-Go" area, here's a little teaser from the inspiration board. It may be "lite," but it's going to be great!

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Comments (3)

  • Looks so charming! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

    Suzie Eaton
  • This reminds me of a little establishment that we visited in Waco. Such a cute and endearing place! Can’t wait to visit your lean-to!

    Lynn Proctor
  • That you all had the courage to chase a dream and conform as it melds into new and exciting developments makes it truly inspirational. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!

    Liz Gragg

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