While We Wait

While We Wait

Feb 23, 2022Lydia Miller

It's official - the furring out has begun! It's exciting to see tangible progress while we continue to wait for plans, permits, paperwork (i.e., all the boring red-tape-things) to be approved.

Still, it hurts to see the gorgeous plaster/brick patterns covered up. It's always hard when dreamy things have to give way to practical solutions, but insulation upstairs is essential to create a comfortable space. Because of this, we are even more committed to keeping the original flooring upstairs where possible - paint spots, mismatched patches, and all! 

Also, the focus upstairs has switched to brainstorming ways to highlight some of the original character of the building. Enter surprise #35: we plan to repurpose the salvaged flooring from the main level and incorporate it into fun details upstairs. It feels kind of like cheating to mention this right now because we aren't ready to get specific, but it's going to be beautiful - so...sorry, not sorry?

While the furring out was happening, we made some fun progress in another area of the Mercantile - sourcing items that will be available when it opens! Since the start of this project, one of the main goals has been to create a space that highlights and supports local artisans, makers, and producers. We're excited about all the local connections we've made and continue to make every week- Harrisburg is truly full of amazing people!

Even with all of the local talent, filling 1,800 square feet of space is a daunting task. At the beginning of this renovation, we created a strategy for how to source additional items for the mercantile:

To connect with makers from across the U.S. and fair trade sources from across the globe, we attended the NY NOW market in New York City. 

Surprise #37: meeting vendors with ties to mid-Missouri while in NYC. We can't wait to share their beautiful products and stories with you!


And, of course, we managed to squeeze in some sightseeing while in NYC. There's nothing like sporting the Harrisburg Cityscape while visiting the most famous cityscape. 

Harrisburg Cityscape in New York

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  • So excited for your opening. Your plans sound wonderful. I saw a program on Sunday Morning that an Island off New Jersey, I believe it’s was Block Island. To recreate more business the glass blowers created “ anchors” to hide on the island. When tourist found one the would register the numbers off the bottom at the glass blowing studio. They’ve hidden thousands now. It’s like a treasure trove. People come from everywhere to search. You can only find one and register one a year per person. If you find another one leave it for someone else. I thought after you were established this might be a great way to attract people to visit.
    Your trip to NYC sounds amazing!
    Keep sharing.
    Ps my email isn’t working right now text or fb me. My family are the Eatons/ Wardrip’s.🥰 5738648326.

    Debbie Drane

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