The Power of the Pro-Con List

The Power of the Pro-Con List

Mar 22, 2023Jessica Shaw

Has a better tool ever been invented for making tough decisions than the pro-con list? Seriously, they are the best! Their ability to remove emotion from a decision is invaluable. However, I've never revisited a renovation pro-con list as often as I did this one. Who knew something as tiny as these windows could cause such pause and consideration?

Even though I love the tiny windows and the personality they bring to the building, loving them couldn't be the sole basis of the decision.

A recent road trip made me love tiny windows even more! Check out these beautifully restored old buildings in Prague, OK.

renovation tiny windowsold building tiny windows
To give you an idea of the pro-con list battle, here are some of the things taken under consideration:

1.) I love the windows.
2.) They add character.
3.) They're part of the original building.
4.) Replacing the windows with new glass would be relatively inexpensive.

1.) The existing tiny windows are painted and broken - restoration would require all new glass.
2.) Featuring the windows means: a) leaving the awning off or b) a low awning to keep them visible.
3.) This building was made for porch sitting and has a southern-facing porch requiring an awning for protection.
4.) The awning has to be high to accommodate large equipment moving in and out.
5.) A higher awning over the tiny windows would block them from outside view.
6.) A higher awning would prevent the windows from adding sunlight to the building.
7.) From inside the building, the view through the tiny windows would be the underside of the awning.

As you can see, the cons not only outnumbered the pros, but it didn't make sense to undertake a tiny window restoration when looking at the cost-to-benefit ratio.

So, the plan is to remove the rot and the broken windows. Then we'll add new headers before covering the area back up and returning the awning to its place.

Even though I LOVE the tiny windows, I LOVE the idea of all of you sitting and visiting on the front porch even more.

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Comments (8)

  • This is a tough one far sure! Do you have to have the headers in their space to put up the awning? Could you leave them and put painted headers over them, but put lighting between the header and the window that would show them off from the inside? If not, the awning of course wins as you’ve decided. Looking forward to coming either way.

    Mary Austin
  • Restore the frames and windows, find some historic photos (or copies) of the store or town and display on a wall looking through to the history of Harrisburg.

    Alan B
  • I am super excited to sit and visit under the awning again!

  • I do not know what the inside of the building will look like, but could the small windows not still be above the awning roof, like the pictures you posted? Then they would let some light into the building while also showing it’s character and historical design.

    Melissa P
  • Would you be able to cut out the windows and use them in another location on the building? Or wall decor inside the store? Just ideas, but I understand the need for an awning completely.

    Daniel E
  • Good decision! Be sure to take some photos of them before you change it. It would be really cool to have the photos on a wall in the mercantile!

    Tammy C.
  • The awning is a must have! The awning and windows pretty much can’t coexist! It’s such a hard decision, but I know you made the right one!

    Haydan F.
  • Even though the cons outnumber the pros, as a lover of old buildings, I just hate to see them go. But you have to do what is best for your building and your business. I do understand. But it’s still sad to see them go.

    Lisa Hardin

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